Mayor and Town Council

Town Address

459 Murray Street Mulgrave NS, B0E 2G0
Phone: (902) 747-2243

Mayor Ron Chisholm


My name is Ronald (Ron) Chisholm. I was born in Hamilton, Ontario and lived most of my life in Bayfield, NS. I moved to Mulgrave after getting married in 1996. Ihave three children Chastity, Hunter, and Hannah as well as two grandsons Carter and Hudson. I currently work at Canso Ford where I have been an automotive technician for the last twenty years. 

I have always hadan interest in politics and when a seat on council became vacant in September 2013 I decided to run. I have served two terms as councillor and currently serving my first term as Mayor. I have a passion for this town and the residents. Working together with the town council I want to work towards keeping the town sustainable. 

In my spare time I love to spend time in the woods hunting. I can be found cheering on my favorite NHL team the Montreal Canadiens or watching NASCAR.


P.O. Box 192
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0

Deputy Mayor Robert Russell

Bob Russell

Robert Russell (Bob), originally from Ontario, relocated to Mulgrave with his wife in 1972.  He has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.  Bob started his career as an electrical technician in the Navy where he was transferred to the East Coast, which is how he met his wife here in Mulgrave.  After the Navy, Bob worked offshore in the Oil Field for 41 years, he was in Brazil for the last 26 years of his career;  the final 18 years of which he served as the companies Installation Manager.  

Bob wanted to become a Councillor for some time, however, was unable to do so until after his retirement. Once retired, he seized the opportunity to run as a Councillor.  Bob is on his second term with the Town of Mulgrave and is dedicated to seeing the Town prosper as much as possible. He is also the Vice President of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 37. In Bob's spare time he can be found spending time with his family, camping, or spending time outdoors on snow mobiles or side by sides. 

P.O. Box 165
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 747-2259

Councillor Krista Luddington


Krista Luddington, formerly from Cape Breton, is proud to live in the Town of Mulgrave. She and her family moved to Mulgrave 4 years ago, with no connection to the community but because the housing market was affordable - and as a young family, that was a priority when looking for a place to call home. It did not take very long after the move for them to discover what a hidden gem Mulgrave is. They instantly fell in love with the community and knew this is where they wanted their kids to grow up.

Krista is married with 3 beautiful young children. Her husband, Jay Luddington is Deputy Chief of the Mulgrave Volunteer Fire Department, and they've jumped in with both feet when it comes to community involvement. Krista is excited, invigorated and honored to be part of a Council that has continued to work incredibly hard for the community, and she is excited to see ongoing positive strides forward in the place we live, work and play.  

PO Box 410
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 951-1011

Councillor Tanya Snow-Keeling

Born and raised in Mulgrave, Tanya brings an expansive set of skills and experiences to the Town Council. In 2005, Tanya decided to pursue a career in healthcare and fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic, attending the Maritime School of Paramedicine in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She then returned to continue her schooling, graduating with honours from the Maritime School of Paramedicine Distance Program in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and became an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) in 2010. In addition to her hands-on job experience as a paramedic, Tanya is also a certified instructor for St. John Ambulance, utilizing her knowledge and background to train first responders. Tanya also has extensive experience with volunteering, community involvement, and advocacy. In 2014 and 2017 she travelled to the Philippines on medical missions with a team of OBGYN’s to assist with medical procedures in underserved areas. She is also one of the founders of “Helping the Helpers”, an annual education day for frontline professionals who are coping and living with PTSD. Her experience in healthcare and advocacy served as a natural bridge into her involvement on the Town Council. Tanya works to build on the previous success of the Town and incorporate her passion for community well-being in order to ensure the prosperity and longevity of Mulgrave.

Aside from her professional and volunteer duties, Tanya can often be found outdoors as she is a nature enthusiast, or spending time with her family. Her favourite pastimes include exploring, boating and fishing with her dad, and walking her babygirl, Sassy. She is known for her enthusiasm when decorating the paramedic base, the local duck pond, and her hard work cooking, painting, and renovating at the Mulgrave Memorial Centre. Tanya is excited about the continued success of the Town and looks forward to fostering new connections and ideas

P.O. Box 227
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 623-1473