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computer labThe Mulgrave Professional Development Centre is a unique human resource development and training facility operated by the Strait Regional School Board. In addition to being the information technology hub of the School Board's staff training and curriculum development initiatives, the Mulgrave Centre is ideally situated and equipped to address the technological requirements associated with the human resource development needs of the business community, public service sectors and the general public. The Centre offers comfortable, affordable and flexible technology-rich facilities, a unique environment conducive to learning and working.

loungeThe shift to the knowledge-based economy has resulted in an increased emphasis on human resources development. At one time, education and training concluded when one completed high school or community college/university. Today, more than ever, we are challenged to accept the significance of lifelong learning. There is constant pressure to train and retrain to meet the demands of a changing economy-an information technology era.

The Mulgrave Professional Development Center is a unique human resource development and training facility operated by the Strait Regional School Board. Ideally, equipped with the latest in technological and communications systems, including fully networked Pentium computers, full range of audio-visual equipment (including Smart Board), access to laptop computer terminals and a variety of specially equipped meeting rooms. The Mulgrave Center can respond to your training needs.

officeThe Center offers hands-on opportunities for technological training in its Computer Lab, which features some of the equipment, outlined above and can be partitioned for use by two smaller groups. The Center’s Presentation Room can be used as an offsite space for group planning meeting and retreats. It is equipped with the latest in presentation technology with flexible seating for more than 50 people (theatre style, roundtables or horseshoe arrangements) and three break rooms for group work.



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